Hillel Academy

Champions of Learning

Have you heard about our programs and accomplishments? 

  • Educational excellence in all disciplines for both Judaic and Secular Studies
  • Warm and nurturing environment with small class size
  • Dedicated and professional faculty
  • Differentiated learning instruction with full-service Resource and Enrichment programs
  • Fully integrated technology and art programs
  • Student government activities and community service initiative
  • Where Judaism is a joy, not a burden. We welcome Jewish children from all backgrounds
Hillel Stands Out Year After Year!
  • First place in 2004 Disney sponsored national Christopher Columbus Competition (selected from over 1200 participants)
  • First Place in Connecticut State Science Fair in 2009 and for 13 out of 15 years prior
  • Feature stories in New York Times, CT Post, Channel 12 and other top media
  • New Playground/sports center, computer lab and after school clubs
  • Can accommodate special needs children and provide differentiated learning instruction
  • Scholarships available